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Welcome to beats-and-loops.com, your ultimate destination for high-quality samples, beats and loops. Whether you’re crafting tracks in Cubase, Fruity Loops, Cakewalk or Pro-Tools, our extensive library caters to every producer’s needs. Dive into a diverse range of electro, house, trap, dance, trance, and more to fuel your creativity. Elevate your music production journey with our curated selection and unleash your sonic potential today…

Chillout, Downtempo and Trip-Hop Loops and BeatsChillout, Downtempo and Trip-Hop Loops and Beats

Explore the smooth atmospheres of Chill Out, Lounge, Trip-Hop and Downtempo music with our exclusive beats and loops package! Designed for laid-back vibes, this collection offers a variety of drum loops, musical loops, and a versatile kit of one-shot drums. Inspired by the best relaxing music and slow beat artists, elevate your sound with effortlessly cool rhythms and melodies. Start crafting your chill-out tracks today with beats-and-loops.com!

What you will find in this Package:
40 music loops (Keyboards and Synths)
40 full drumloops
30 FX samples
20 bass loops
And as a bonus, 90 one shot drums (kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussions) (more…)

Hard-Techno Beats and LoopsHard-Techno Beats and Loops

Introducing our Hard-Techno Beats and Loops package, a sonic journey back to the pulsating heart of underground culture. Dive into a collection inspired by the raw energy of rave parties and free-parties, complete with their colossal sound-systems. Explore pounding hard kicks, fat basslines, industrial rhythms and hypnotic synths designed to ignite dancefloors and elevate your productions. Unleash the spirit of the underground with this essential toolkit. Get ready to infuse your tracks with the authentic vibe of the rave scene. Check it out now at beats-and-loops.com!

Included in this package:
40 music loops (Keyboards and Synths)
20 bass loops
20 complete drum loops (more…)