EDM and Dance Music Loops, Beats, Samples and Drums

Explore our specially crafted EDM package, curated to perfection for electronic music musicians and fans. Explore a plethora of loops, beats, samples, and drums tailored specifically for Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts, designed to ignite creativity and elevate your productions. This original and exclusive pack provides the essential tools to take your EDM Productions to the next level. Discover limitless possibilities and unleash your sonic potential with beats-and-loops.com.

This Package contains:
40 Music (Keyboards and Synths) loops
30 bass loops
20 kick loops
20 snare loops
20 hats loops

And as a bonus, 80 one shot drums (kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussions)

All loops, beats and samples contained in this pack are proposed as WAV files, 44.100 khz, 16 bits, already looped and directly usable in most of the music softwares.